Student Services

University College of Medicine and Dentistry

UCMD prides itself as a place where facilities for students are at their best. In addition to being taught by highly qualified academic faculty, offered facilities include:

  • Spacious, air conditioned lecture halls and auditorium
  • Well-equipped laboratories and museums
  • A modern hospital with wards & tutorial rooms for clinical teaching
  • Learning resources like library and an IT Centre
  • Daily updated Leaning Management System for e-learning
  • Up to date Electronic Attendance Record on student portal
  • A unique student mentoring program for support
  • Availability of a student counsellor
  • Research grants and travelling scholarship for extraordinary students
  • “Student voice” through democratically elected representatives
  • Development of leadership and management skills via class representatives and student-lead clubs and societies
  • Inculcate empathy by Community Service Programs
  • Student Development Workshops
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Sports grounds & courts
  • Well equipped gym with a swimming pool
  • Hostel facilities
  • Stationery and bookshop with photocopy and printing facility
  • A gift shop and a general store
  • Cafeteria and various vendors for a variety of food & beverages
  • Annual Dinner with recognition to high achievers
  • Dedicated administration coordinator for every year

In addition, a dedicated Student Services Center (SSC) is set up to facilitate students at the University of Lahore (UOL) by providing a one-stop service. It connects students with all the non-academic departments of the university e.g. Registrar Office, Controller of Examination, Accounts, and Finance Department, Transport Office, Library, etc. to ensure smooth functioning. SSC evaluates and resolves student inquiries and issues, ensuring that appropriate action is taken to the satisfaction of students in compliance with policy, procedures, and legal requirements of the University. By addressing student issues that may interfere with the academic programs, SSC ensures student retention and degree completion.

For more information:

There are a number of ways in which Student Services are focused on helping students at UCD achieve what they deserve; the best university experience possible.

All students, all people, come across barriers in life where they do not know where to go or how to best proceed.

They need guidance, a pointer, a reflection to offer them a route to follow, or a tool to get over a hurdle and back on track. Student Services are the ones who can provide this.


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University College of Dentistry
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Miss.Zubia Asghar
Assistant Manager (Student Affairs)
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