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The students of UCMD enjoy a stimulating campus life. The college boasts an impressive roaster of extra-curricular clubs since it is our belief that doctors need to be well rounded individuals in addition to being proficient in their craft. To bring out this untapped talent, the idea of an extra-curricular activity week was born. The students activity week 2014 started off with special lectures from the esteemed guests, designed to broaden minds of students and expose them to the realities that await them beyond these doors. Amongst our numerous clubs, our Blood Donation Club took the lead by organizing a record breaking Blood camp in collaboration with the Fatmeed Foundation, demonstrating their utmost dedication to serving humanity to the fullest. The Debating Club followed closely with an awe inspiring battle of wits with their Bilingual Debating Contest. Our Sports day was exhilarating for players and audience members alike, the highlight of which was a thrilling cricket match between the students and the faculty. Adding color to students’ ranks and reminding them of our individual heritage within a mosaic of different ethnicities, our Cultural Day was a beautiful display of the diversity that students enjoy at The University of Lahore. This was followed by an instructive Basic Life Support demonstration by Rescue 1122. Our Dramatics club wowed the students on their artival, proving that the performance arts enable diverse spectra of expression to jell together to providing them with a night of spectacular entertainment. The area of Research cannot be overemphasized in the world of today which is why UCMD Research Foundation started of the final day with their Competition for the Best Research Proposal followed by our Photography Club’s competition titled “Life at UCMD”. The talent writers amongst the undergraduate students shined on the Literary Club’s Writer of the Month Competition with the topic “Medschool Blues”. To top of this brilliant week, all our events ultimately culminated into the Annual Sirajjudin Prize distribution Ceremony where we honored our distinction holders, graduating batch and prize winners. The entire week stood as a testament to the sheer amount of talent and the fact that academics and extra-curricular activities go hand in hand at UCMD.

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