University College of Medicine and Dentistry

Faculty Development Program

The university college of medicine and dentistry conducts faculty development workshops to help develop its faculty members both academically and professionally.

Every year the list of core workshops is reviewed and updated to cater to the needs of today’s medical educators and the vision of the institution.

Core workshops are mandatory for the new inductees to attend within their probation period. The workshops are repeated frequently so that all faculty members can attend these workshops according to their work schedule.

The focus of the core workshops is on areas on teaching & learning and assessment that any new inductee would benefit from.

The educational system of UCMD is at par with the international education standards. UCMD prides itself as a place where facilities for students and patients are at their best: students are being taught and patients are managed by highly qualified academicians and clinicians. Teaching facilities, laboratories, pre-clinical & clinical area, library and IT Centre have been designed in a way that students are milled to be at their best.