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Pro Rector's Message

I would like to congratulate you on choosing the University College of Medicine and Dentistry for giving yourself the opportunity to help us prepare not only the humane doctors and Dentists of tomorrow but prepare your academic career to the next level.

These are trending times for the medical institutions in Pakistan. The University College of Medicine and Dentistry is keeping abreast with the global changes in the medical education. It is both an exciting and challenging time for us. To meet up with the National and International requirements, we are not only constantly evolving our curriculum with the help of dedicated medical professionals but also adding to our team of dedicated and learned teachers.

Like any vibrant campus, The University of Lahore is providing opportunities for its students and graduates an environment that is unmatched in its infrastructure and educational ambiance. You can feel the energy in its campus that spells hope, creativity, responsibility and a glorious future for the students. The campus gives you an opportunity to meet international students from various countries as well. We are helping our students to develop and mature into responsible citizens and young doctors of tomorrow who have the passion for humanity.

The University College of Medicine and Dentistry has covered growth milestones in an unprecedented manner. It employs the most learned and eminent people in its faculty who work with the strengths and weaknesses of all students individually by personal attention and mentoring. UOL, also provides opportunities to its own graduates for future employment in the forty educational disciplines on its campus offering many basic and post-graduation job opportunities.

Here at the UOL, you will discover yourself. You will find us always be your best support in helping you to nurture and prepare you for the exciting future ahead, whether it is in Pakistan or abroad.

Prof. Dr. Shahid Mahmud Malik
Pro-Rector, Health Sciences

Dean's Message

Greetings and welcome to the University College of Medicine & Dentistry at The University of Lahore. Our institute offers education in an ethical and professional environment, ensuring that our students are given state of the art experiences of knowledge, skill and humane attributes. Emphasis is given to educate them according to our own social, cultural and religious context, keeping into consideration the evidence based current practices and problem based learning methodologies. Caution is taken not to adopt student centered approach, but a hybrid model is carved, to address out contextual needs, as most of our students have only twelve years of education, primarily taught through the traditional system.

A gradual change in an evolutionary manner is brought in their teaching and learning strategies to bring them in line with international standards, to address the challenges of tomorrow. We take great pride in our young professionals who are being trained and groomed to be clinically competent, morally and ethically sound doctors.

University College of Medicine & Dentistry offers the qualification of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery along with Bachelor of Dental Surgery at under graduate level recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and Higher Education Commission. This qualification enables our students to enter any Post Graduate Training within the country or abroad, and prepares them to take fellowship of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan, USMLE, PLAB, ORE, National Board Examination of North America and fellowship examinations of Royal College of Surgeons at United Kingdom, Australia etc.

The University offers an integrated curriculum in which horizontal and vertical integration of the syllabus is taught through problem based learning and evidence based practices. Student counseling and career path guidance is given for personal and professional growth. College offers Post Graduate programs in various disciplines of Medicine Surgery and Dentistry approved by PM&DC and other regulatory authorities.

Prof. Dr. Moghees Ahmad Baig
Dean & Principal, University College of Dentistry


University College of Medicine & Dentistry offers one of the most forward-looking educational environments in Medicine & Dentistry in the country.

Since its founding, UCMD has been committed to excellence in education, research, patient care and community service. The educational system of UCMD is at par with the international education standards. UCMD prides itself as a place where facilities for students and patients are at their best: students are being taught and patients are managed by highly qualified academicians and clinicians. Teaching facilities, laboratories, pre-clinical & clinical area, library, and IT Centre have been designed in a way that students are milled to be at their best.

So far 13 batches of doctors and 14 batches of dentists have passed out and are working in various public and private institutions in and outside Pakistan. There is a shift of paradigm from conventional teaching to problem-oriented learning in this College that has lead students to grow in excellence in patient management.

The College of Medicine & Dentistry has its own “University Teaching Hospital” at Defence Road Campus, University Dental Hospital at Raiwind Road Campus while Al-Khidmat Hospital is attached to the University for the training of students in various clinical specialties.



Our purpose is to provide a collaborative, evidence-based, and student-centered learning environment in order to produce researchers, health care providers, life long learners, and critical thinkers.



The mission of University College of Dentistry is to deliver highest level of education, training, ethics and morality to its undergraduate and post-graduate students and to provide them a platform to face the modern day challenges of managing personal, emotional, psychological and professional components of grooming.


To be a prestigious and internationally recognized institution in order to produce competent health care professionals who would cater to the challenges of tomorrow.


Honesty / Integrity
Tolerance / Respect

Principal's Message

The student experience in UCMD is one that our students will carry with them throughout their lives. We make sure that our students get to experience the full spectrum of social and cultural aspects of college life in addition to their studies.

We have students from different parts of the world. During their time in Pakistan, overseas students can complement a rigorous academic schedule with other aspects of college life to ensure a healthy work-life balance and build lifelong friendships. Taking pride in having multiple student societies with each one of them offering something to suit all tastes.

Whether you are interested in the arts, outdoor pursuits, volunteering, or medical societies, there is something for everyone.

Dr. Mahwish Arooj
Principal (UCM)

Accreditation & Affiliations

Pakistan Medical & Dental Council
Higher Education Commission
Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination
College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan
Punjab Healthcare Commission
Pakistan Pharmacy Council
Pakistan Nursing Council



World Health Organization (WHO)
World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)
Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (USA)
Medical Board of California (USA)
General Medical Council (UK)
Overseas Registration Examination, UK
Australian Dental Council
International Medical Education Directory (FAIMER)