Clubs and Societies

University College of Medicine and Dentistry

Serving as an umbrella organization, the Character Building Society (CBS) is responsible for managing and overseeing all student affairs within UCMD, including academic and extracurricular activities regulated through the Student Council and our various clubs respectively.

The CBS Executive Cabinet consists of its head, a president, vice president, general secretary, treasurer, external secretary, internal secretary, joint secretary, publications secretary and media and IT secretary (Additional positions may be assigned based on need). The student council, club officers, the electoral body, the advisory board, administrative coordinators, all work together to supervise and regulate activities of the CBS in its entirety.

Some events in the past managed by CBS on behalf of UCMD’s Student Body are: UCMD’s Annual Dinner, UCMD’s Orientation Week, International Conference on Health Professionals Education (ICHPE), Jashn e Azadi- 14th August (A Tribute to Pakistan) and UCMD’s Cocurricular Week etc. It has also been responsible to provide support to students, faculty or administration to conduct seminars, webinars, campaigns and other activities.

Clubs under the CBS:

  • UCMD Debating Club
  • UCMD Dramatics Club
  • UCMD Literary Club
  • UCMD Photography, Art and Calligraphy Club
  • UCMD Research Club
  • UCMD Sports Club
  • UCMD Community Services Club

These student-lead clubs consist of a president, vice president, general secretary, joint secretary and general members.

In addition, the students from UCMD have the opportunity to be a part of a large number of clubs/societies of the University of Lahore (UOL).

The UOL club & societies office is incubated at office of student affairs (OSA) to streamline activities, and has established clear rules and regulations for all the entities and the participants. This office works with all the departments to establish Class Representative System and accepts registration for different Clubs and Societies. The list of registered UOL clubs & societies includes, but is not limited to:

  • UOL Blood Donation Society
  • IFMSA Pakistan UCMD-Lahore Chapter
  • Volunteer Force against Hepatitis Transmission (VFAHT) UCMD-Lahore Chapter
  • UOL Music Society
  • UOL Adventure Club
  • Network Gaming Society
  • SHNA Society of Health & Nutritional Awareness
  • Student Focus UOL Chapter
  • Nisa Society
  • Young Peace & Development Corps
  • UOL Entrepreneur’s Society
  • Care Foundation – UOL Chapter
  • Society of Allied Health Sciences
  • UOL society of Dental Surgeons
  • Imperial Pharmaceutical Society
  • UOL Arts & Cultural Society
  • Environmental Society (S.A.F.E.) and many more.

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