Student Life

2nd Integrated Medical Education Marathon by UCMD - LC

 Poster Presentation

Flag Hoisting Ceremony On 14th August 2017

Singing Competition

On the 20th and 23rd of March 2018, 15 teams of medical students and faculty from 10 different medical colleges from all across Pakistan gathered at UCMD for “the biggest national medical education event of the year”. This project was initiated to emphasize on the stimulating and animated integrated modular curriculum and medical education techniques currently in use at UCMD to a wider audience under the umbrella of IFMSAPakistan and DME-UCMD..

A poster presentation on the topic “Prevention is better than Cure” was held in which students from all classes took part and made beautiful posters showing their knowledge and creativity.

UCMD conducted a Flag hoisting ceremony on 14th august to show love and respect towards our country. Students performed on
national songs. Debate competition was held, a tribute was given to martyrs of APS. Ceremony concluded with a march pass and flag hoisting by our worthy Pro-Rector and Dean UCMD.

A singing competition with the name “The Voice of UCMD” was arranged in which students from MBBS and BDS participated and showed their talent of not only singing but also composing.

Lok Mela

 Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony


National Dental Conference Multan

An evening full of colours and enthusiasm was arranged for UCMD students with live theater, dressage Horse Dancing, swordsmanship. Artisans at work and provincial pavilion.

UCMD held its Annual Dinner on Tuesday 21st March 2017 like every year. Distinction and Position Holders were given certificates and medals. 3rd year in MBBS and 2nd year in BDS were awarded best class of the years for their academic
performances. Souvenirs and shields of recognition and appreciation were presented to faculty for the dedication, hard work and devotion.

SOME stands for The Society of the Medical educationist. First ever SOME med Talk was conducted by the Department of Medical Education, at The University of Lahore. It involved inspirational talks and panel discussion by renowned by medical educationists.

Dr. Zainab Naqvi and Dr.Abdul Malik made the dental college proud by winning the 3rd Prize in Undergraduate Poster Competition at the 1st National Dental Conference held in Multan. All the judges appreciated their poster, which was based on anti-hypersensitivity mouthwashes.

Orientation Day

 The Artival 2k17

Oral Health Day

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

On 5th December 2016 Orientation Day was held for 1st year MBBS students. They were orientated about medical student life and nobility of this profession by their seniors and worthy faculty members. Patron in Chief and Chairman also welcomed new comers on behalf of The University of Lahore.

The event organized by UCMD dramatics club, The ARTIVAL 2k17, was held on 21st March breaking all the stereotypes that a medical student has no life outside his books. The event itself was a huge success covering all the genres of arts and theatre including dramas, plays, and dance performances.

With collaboration of Shield Pakistan, University College of Dentistry held a free dental camp at the University Dental Hospital premises on 20th March 2017. Posters, drawings and health education material, enthusiastically made by the students of 2nd year BDS, who also came forward and imparted oral health instructions to the incoming patients, adorned the hospital.

UCMD-LC, IFMSA-Pak with collaboration of Pink Ribbon started a campaign. A team of volunteers comprising of house officers and students from all five years of MBBS visited different villages in Okara, Gujrat and Sheikhupura for breast cancer awareness. Free diagnostic camp services were also provided.

Fund Raiser for Edhi Foundation


UCMD Sports Club

National General Assembly - IFMSA

UCMD-LC, IFMSA-Pak organized a charity Program for Edhi Foundation in memory of our hero, Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi (late). Grandson of Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi, Abdul Sattar Edhi (Jr.), joined us as our Chief Guest. All the collections were donated to Edhi Foundation.f IFMSAPakistan and DME-UCMD..

UCMD Literary Society conducted a Mehfil e Adab where guest speakers such as Dr. Tahir Shaheer, Sagheer Ahmed Sagheer and Miss Bina Goindi were invited. Students also presented their Poems. Mahnoor Nasir from 2nd year got prize for best Poetry.

UCMD Sports Club arranged UCMD Annual Sports Gala which took place in UOL playing field for consecutive 3 days. Girls and boys from all 5 years of MBBS and all 4 years of BDS participated in different games such as cricket, football, Badminton, table tennis and others.

This year UCMD-LC IFMSA PAKISTAN was given a chance to host NGA, previously held only at Allama Iqbal Medical
College and King Edward Medical College. More than 18 Medical colleges participated in it. It continued for 3 days.

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