University of Lahore

Student Facilities

You can look forward to more than just studying at The University of Lahore, with extensive facilities and campus life, you will never forget this experience.

Library Facilities

The University’s library resources include books, journals and e-books.The University of Lahore currently houses four well equipped librarieswith cumulatively more than 31000 books catering to a wide range ofsubjects. The University also has access to 72 Mbps Pakistan EducationalResearch Network (PERN) facilities, E- Library, OPAC, mini labs, HECdigital library as well as International online Libraries and Journals. TheUniversity of Lahore has subscription of World Class Turnitin services forPlagiarism check.

Sports Facilities

At the University of Lahore, we firmly believe that ahealthy body is a key to a healthy mind. In this regard,the UOL has invested in purpose built sports andrecreational facilities, which include spaces for, tabletennis, swimming, cricket and football. A FIFA gradefootball field and track are also in development alongwith separate Gymnasiums for both male & femalestudents. Sports at the University are managed by adedicated department of sports.


The University of Lahore (UoL) has its own large fleet ofbuses, mini buses and vans that provides pick and dropfacility to its various campuses and around the city.The University also provides shuttle bus services to itsstudents and faculties from one campus to another. Adetailed transport plan along with specified routes canbe obtained from the Transport Office of UoL.

IT Facilities

The University boasts excellent IT facilities withdedicated PC and Mac labs on premises. 72 MB/sinternet is also available to students in labs as wellas the new wireless service on the Defense RoadCampus. All University students receive a dedicatedUniversity email address. Student information isstored and accessed via sophisticated Universitymanagement system thus making the UoL a forerunnerin modernizing student data management serviceswithin Pakistan.

IT Helpdesk

IT office has maintained a portal named "IT support"to facilitate the faculty and staff across the university.Software’s are remotely installed in computers.IT helpdesk also provides wifi facility to laptops ofstudents and faculty. IT helpdesk is also responsible foranswering queries of students.


Separate hostel accommodation is available for bothmale and female students at The University of Lahore(UoL). The Defence Road Campus of the Universityfeatures in facility of two hostels for females: RaziaHall and Fatima Hall, for about 1,100 students in it.A separate boys’ hostel is also being completed. Butavoiding students from any residential inconvenience,UoL has rented two hostels for boys near the campuses.A total of 70 students (boys) are accommodated inthese hostels.
In order to facilitate the students, the following facilitieshave been provided at both the boys and girls hostels;Mess, Mosque, Separate Television room, Telephone,Newspapers, Guest Rooms, common Room, ComputerRoom, Electric Water Coolers, High speed internetand Wifi, Hostel Laundry and 24 hours security. Hostelwardens are responsible for ensuring the availabilitiesof all facilities and management in hostels. Additionalhousing and accommodation is available in the vicinity of the campus on Defense road and Raiwind road and ismanaged by the University hostels department.

GYM (UOL Club)

The University has a on campus gym, where you willbe able to benefit from expert fitness advice, taketraining classes and all at a very discounted rate onlyfor students and faculty members at the University.

Catering & Cafeteria

The University houses dedicated student center,four floors of self-service cafeteria serving deliciouscontinental cuisine, snacks through kiosks at DefenseRood Campus. Event management, guesthouse diningand hostel dining are also provided by Food and Lodgingdepartment. A coffee bar and independent facultydining area is also present within the facility along withadjunct services such as internet café and bookshopsetc. The Raiwind Road Campus, Islamabad Campus,Sargodha Campus and Lahore City Campus also havededicated University managed cafeteria facilities.

Finance & Scholarships

Ibadat Educational Trust offers liberal scholarshipsfor the benefit of needy and meritorious students.These include discounted fees, full fee scholarships,and maintenance allowances. Total Scholarshipsand Financial Assistance provided to students in theacademic year 2012 was at Rs.53,287,000/-

Medical & Dental Health

The University of Lahore has invested in extensivehealth and dental facilities. These include a 300 bedteaching hospital located on campus, a dental hospitallocated at Raiwind Road Campus.

Furthermore the University has a physical therapycentre situated at the Raiwind Road campus with stateof the art equipment and experts.