University of Lahore

Prof. Dr. Farrukh Iqbal

Principal, University College of Medicine

I feel immense pleasure to welcome you to the University College of Medicine (UCM), University of Lahore (UoL) to start your career as a medical professional. This surely is an exciting time for you as you will be exposed to an entirely different system of education and training which will make your foundation become a successful, dedicated and a humane health professional in future. If you enjoy helping people Medical Profession is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose. As a doctor you will be involved in diagnosing and treating illnesses and providing advice and reassurance to your patients. It requires an enquiring mind, the capacity to acquire and maintain high levels of knowledge and the ability to relate to individuals with their own health needs. As a medical student, you should be aware of hard work ahead of you as you enter medical college. Medical field and education system are ever changing modalities; therefore we have an excellent, well trained, very friendly and helpful faculty which has been kept well abreast with the modern needs of medical education for which we are backed up by an excellent Medical Education Department as well. Our college, UCM is always ready to help meet the demand of health professionals by offering innovative programs that prepare our graduates for society’s health care needs. We believe that after graduating our students will lead the change to healthier and happier communities as the next generation of healthcare leaders. I would like to encourage you to explore your interest in health sciences, and to begin your journey. Once you graduate from UCM, you will have the opportunity to enter in various Postgraduate Medical Programs being offered by UOL. I assure you that you would enjoy a friendly and conducive environment in UCM and will have friendly relations with your teachers who will always be on forefront to help out and counsel you at any stage of your academic session. I would advise you to go through each page of this prospectus to know the University College of Medicine, University of Lahore well.